If you need to know how to process a Credit Card quickly, read this post and take into account what you can do to avoid losing time and be approved without complications during the process of obtaining your card.

Few things are as frustrating as finding exactly what you need, but it is not shown until the need disappears. Like when you ask for hurricane supplies, but they do not arrive until the storm has passed.

Although not all those who decide to process a Credit Card need the credit immediately, sometimes you really do need that financing and you need it now, not within a month.

The easiest way to make sure you are approved immediately is to only request Credit Cards for which you have good chances of approval.

You can increase your chances by verifying your credit score. You may also want to check the prequalification offers to find the letters that best fit.

What matters to banks, above all, is the probability that you will pay your debts. If you do it on time, always, you show that you are reliable and that you should increase your overall credit health.

That is why it is important to make timely payments on all your accounts. That includes not only your Credit Card, but also your rent, services and even your cell phone.

Late or lost payments can significantly damage your credit scores

Late or lost payments can significantly damage your credit scores

If you have problems tracking your bills, consider setting up automatic payments or payment reminders.

Of course, nobody is perfect. If you forget or accidentally make a late payment in one of your accounts, it is not the end of the world. Just try not to happen again so that your credit history is not affected.

How fast can you get a Credit Card?

Generally, you will receive a new card approximately ten days after you request it. The fastest credit card providers can receive a new card within seven days.

However, you can take more time and it depends on how fast your new provider processes your application.

See what cards you can get before submitting your application with the Credit Card eligibility verifier.

If you make an application online, it will only take you about ten minutes to complete the application process. You can take more time if you apply at a branch and you have to complete a paper application form.

The Credit Card company will decide if they accept your request. Some companies may take five to ten days to make a decision.

The online application can speed up the process of obtaining a card for about a week.

Your decision may take more time if they need to run additional checks such as:

  • A closer look at your credit history.
  • Checking your data
  • Verifying your identity

If you need to process a Credit Card for a specific purpose, such as paying for a vacation or making a balance transfer, request it at least one month or more before you need it, if possible.

Most Credit Cards will arrive a little more than a week after they receive your request, but this can take much longer if the letter is delayed, stolen or lost in the publication.

You can start spending on your Credit Card once you have received it. You will receive your personal identification number (PIN) and you can activate your card.

You can not use your card at ATMs or places like stores and restaurants until you have your PIN, which you must enter to authorize most transactions.

What are the fastest ways to obtain a Credit Card?

If you need to process a Credit Card as soon as possible:

  • Find the cards that look like what you want or need.
  • Choose a Credit Card among many.
  • Make sure your credit record is as attractive to the entities as possible, so they will be more likely to accept it.
  • Complete the application form precisely because errors could delay the process.
  • It can be faster if you make the request through a credit card company or a bank with which you already have accounts, since they can verify your identity faster.
  • If your application needs an additional review, you can often speed up the process by calling customer service or the application line for the issuer of the Credit Card.
  • When processing a Credit Card , it affects your credit score, so if you request many cards at once, you can delay the process.

How to activate your card.

You will have to activate your card once it arrives

You will have to activate your card once it arrives

This allows your provider to know that you have received it safely.

This only takes a few minutes and is easy to do. To activate your card, choose between the following:

  • Log in to your online account.
  • Call the number on the card.
  • Use an ATM
  • Visit in person if they have a branch.
  • Once you have activated the card, you can start using it.

Pending applications usually require simple verification of certain information, usually simple, such as confirmation of your annual income, which can be easily resolved by telephone, without the need to present yourself to resolve the situation. This can significantly speed up the approval process.


If you need to process a Credit Card as soon as possible, do not hesitate and contact us, at Citibanamex we want to help you and we are willing to make your financial experience a success experience.

The credit card that suits you is the one that has the benefits you need: rewards program awards points, access to pre-sales, exclusive promotions, purchases without interest months and more.