Loan Severing Calculator

Our Prepayment Compensation Calculator will therefore show you the amount you would have to pay if you repaid your loan before expiry of the fixed interest rate. If the loan is repaid immediately, the transfer fee increases. You can calculate the amount of the prepayment penalty for your remaining debt using our Prepayment Compensation Calculator. Whether car loan, installment loan, loan or mortgage, the replacement calculator determines exactly the expected repayment amount. The best way for consumers to opt for the rescheduling calculator is to find a cheap new loan that is flexible and can be repaid prematurely at any time.

Replace your personal loan – and save yourself half the cost.

Replace your personal loan - and save yourself half the cost.

Do you want to pay less interest on your current personal loan? You have a costly small loan? Then swap your house bank quite easily! Although the loan contract is closed for a certain period of time, it can be repaid by you at any time and “redeemed” at a cheaper house bank. So do not forget: you can cancel your expensive job at any time and switch to the cheapest personal loan in Switzerland.

The replacement of your existing personal loan is not only financially worthwhile but also very easy. First ask your current house bank about the amount of the loan to be paid (remaining debt). Upon receipt by your previous house bank, you will request a final settlement of the current remaining debt of your loan. Some banks charge a small processing fee for the return.

The repayment will then be made for you by your predecessor.

debt restructuring

debt restructuring

Do existing lending rates take up more room for maneuver than you would like? Do you regularly use the dispositive at your bank? Then replace your expensive old loan easily by disposition! In addition to a lower monthly installment and a significantly lower interest rate, you will gain improved insight into your financial position as you only need to use a installment loan amount.

You will then receive the order for immediate printing by encrypted e-mail or in the shortest possible time by mail from the bank. They have the free repayment possibility a strong influence on the maturity and can make the loan repayment flexible. Regular income through employment (salary, pensions, pensions, etc.) and impeccable creditworthiness.

Rescheduling – now reschedule cheap & exchange banks

Rescheduling - now reschedule cheap & exchange banks

More and more Germans know: In the course of time, several small loans have accumulated, which now have to be paid off and together draw a proud record. When you took out your last loan a couple of years ago, you thought you had received the loan on the best terms, this seems to be the beginning of 2018.

You can now get the same loan from just about any house bank on cheaper terms. Especially in the current low interest rate phase, you have the chance to save a lot of costs with a rescheduling. The rescheduling of a loan has become one of the most frequently asked requirements in the market. Nonetheless, many borrowers are still unaware of the opportunity to repay a loan at a low cost.

Basically, the goal of debt debt restructuring is to bundle the current loans into a loan, which, on balance, leads to lower production costs. This means that one or more existing loans will be replaced (fully repaid) by combining all these loans into one loan. In the end, you pay less monthly installments for this loan than for all other loans together.

Of course, you can save even more money if you match the conditions of many different providers with our rescheduling calculator. Special purpose loans, such as certain auto loans, are often exempt from rescheduling. But to use the computer, it is not enough to extrapolate only the residual debt of the current loan. However, you must also state the total ancillary costs that would be incurred by the loan over the remaining term.

Last but not least, you also need the so-called prepayment penalty, which is payable by almost all lenders. This is a certain amount that borrowers have to pay in case of early repayment to the credit institutions – as compensation for the interest on the remaining term. Whether a restructuring pays off for you, shows the early repayment.

The amount of compensation varies from case to case and depends on the type of loan. In the case of a “normal” installment loan, the principal bank is entitled to a maximum of a percentage of the remaining debt if the remaining term is more than one year. Exceptions to this are loans that were concluded before July 11, 2010 – in these exceptional cases, only the contractual agreements.

As a rule, if your loan does not have a fixed interest rate, you can always repay the loan at any time free of charge. Is refinancing useful? After you have received the information about the remaining debt and the early repayment, you can now calculate whether a refinance in your case makes sense. You only have to enter the two amounts in the loan calculator and enter the reason for payment “rescheduling”.

A small side effect: This also has a positive effect on your credit rating, as credit institutions now know that they prefer rescheduling loans rather than lending a new installment loan. If the total amount of the debt rescheduling loan is ultimately lower than the residual debt and interest paid on the old loan (or old loans), rescheduling makes sense.

However, if the interest commitment is terminated with such financing and you adjust the original conditions with a new follow-up financing, you as a consumer can dissolve the existing loan without early repayment and immediately settle the remaining loan amount – with the rescheduling loan. But before you do so, please calculate in advance exactly which loan is cheaper for you in the end.

As you will usually require a loan, all the details in our special guide to this topic will be explained to you. If you want to replace your old loans (one or more), you should first look at these contracts. Decisive for the assessment of whether a restructuring would be worthwhile are, above all, the residual maturity, the fixed effective interest rate and the monthly repayments.

You should also check if an early payment is made in advance or if you can repay the loan free of charge. The bank requests this compensation in order to compensate for the interest payments which are no longer due in the remaining term. Only the effective interest rate correctly represents the effective borrowing costs.

You can easily extend the monthly installment by adjusting the repayment term. The higher interest income serves the house bank in the longer term as further assurance. If you want to implement an existing loan effectively, you should also compare the new interest with the upcoming interest on the old loan. However, you should not include early repayment in the calculation.

If you find a suitable debt restructuring loan, you should tell your old bank – or the old banks – when you want to convert the old loan into a new one. It can determine the exact amount of the remaining debt and inform you of the amount of any early repayment. If you only convert one loan, it makes sense to compare the old bank with the new values ​​and force a cut in interest rates.

However, if the house bank is firm, you can cancel the new, lower-interest loan agreement. Enter the purpose of the rescheduling whenever it has not yet been determined. If the house bank has provisionally granted the loan after the credit check – usually at the company credit bureau – you must complete the loan contract and provide with some necessary evidence.

In order for the new house bank to be able to redeem the loan with your previous lender, there must always be a signed transfer authorization. After the final approval of the loan, you only pay the now lower monthly installments to the new forwarding company. At the end of this guide, we would like to discuss the key issues that often arise in a restructuring.

The new lender replaces the previous loan with the previous house bank. In the event of early termination of the loan agreement, it should be borne in mind that many institutions charge a preferential repayment fee of varying amounts depending on the remaining term or contractual agreement. On the other hand, there are institutions that allow you to repay an existing loan for free.

You can find out if you need to pay compensation and how much it is by looking at your current loan agreement. When is a rescheduling possible? Rescheduling is always reasonable if you can reduce your interest expenses by concluding a new loan agreement. This, of course, is particularly rewarding for loans that still have long maturities and a large gap between the agreed and the new interest rate.

When refinancing, it does not differ significantly from other loans, such as civil servant loans.